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The first time I saw it was in my garden. I initially mistook it to be a regular red weaver ant that are common around my house. It was only when I saw it hanging down by its dragline (a spider silk strand that is attached to them when them jump/fall off) that I knew that I was observing a spider. They are such experts in mimicking them! Now I knew why there are known as ant mimicking crab spiders 🙂 . They mimic the weaver ants with an objective to prey on them.

I continued to observe it move around the leaves and periodically hang down from the leaf using its dragline. Here are some pictures to show it from various angles.

It finally used its dragline to disappear onto the neighbour’s tree.

The individual that I saw is likely to be a Amyciaea forticeps. However one cannot be certain without possibly dissecting it 🙂


10 thoughts on “Amyciaea

  1. Very nice shots of crab spiders. The FAMILY name “Thomisidae’ is too close for comfort ( in a funny way). You share your name with a family of spiders & we share our names with you??? Wondering what that means for the kids!!

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